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Permissions Post

So, being half elf Auphe, what does that mean?

Cal has a better than average sense of smell. His super-nose can let him know if someone doesn't smell human--unless the non-human smell is covered up by a stronger scent. He recognizes monsters that he has seen before, but that's not likely to be of much help here. He can pick up the scent of person A off of person B for several hours. Cal can also smell madness.

If your character is non-human, would Cal be able to sniff that out(and what on earth would they smell like)?

If your character is human and less than mentally stable, do you think(or want) Cal to notice?

Cal can also gate. He basically rips a whole in the air and jumps through. Cal can also build gates inside of people or things, which results in messy explosions. He can also shove gates into people, removing important organs or body parts. Cal will not be using this ability is battle to do more than move his lazy ass without express player permission. He can only gate twice in a row before his safety mechanism turns his brain to mush, and he tends to go a little more predatory when he gates.

So...if you character would like to lose some body part or being exploded by gate, that would be cool, I guess.